How to tell if your Rental Property is being used for Illegal Activities

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Flats used as pot session den, illegal gambling hideout, various valid reasons why landlords need to panic and be cautious. It can’t be avoided, some might suspect you of being a paranoia,  but that is okay because they have nothing to do with the damage regulation if it will lead where tenants took senior management post over a triad.  Here are suggestions to have a keen eye for the rental property.


Be observant on the sudden increase in water and electric bills.

This is considered an initial sign that some odd is happening. It is but normal for both power and water bills to fluctuate. Be quick in checking significant figures that rise for a long period of time.

Try to observe for an increase of about 20% in power and water bill in a matter of three and above uninterrupted months. This simply implies the presence of other occupants around the rental property that were not declared in the tenancy agreement, you can check for illegitimate subletting.

Interestingly, it can also be a sign that something illegal activities or business going on inside the property. For instance, utilizing the kitchen for cakes and pastries business that often yields to the highest figure of electric and water bills.


Check with the condominium security if they have observed something unusual that is going on

Your security personnel in the condo are the very first people to notice if something strange happening around. This is because neighbors might have complained of some loud noise, music or different people keep coming to the inside.  But there’s another reason to investigate:

When people bring illegal activities on your property, activity like makeshift massage salon, then its understood to have the bulk of visitors. If in case there are six to seven cars keep coming every day on your property, the guards would have recorded it. When a tenant is unlawfully subletting, the security will find out for that new group of occupants that don’t carry a pass card.

So if you feel something is not good happening around then talk to your condo’s security head. You can share your doubts, often security contractors are even happier to know and listen to the occupants. Also, most security guards are happy to keep an eye on your units and the entire surroundings and never hesitate to leave a message of undesirable activities.


Google your rental property address from every now and then, and see what turns up

When it involves illegal businesses like gambling, drug pot session, and brothels, the address unknowingly shows up online. There are the customer’s sometimes who zip his mouth and shout it on a social media or forum.

When it comes to illicit businesses, like brothels and gambling dents, the address sometimes pops up online. There’s sometimes a customer who can’t shut up, and will blab about it on a forum or social media.

With that scenario, you need to search via google your residential address every now and then. Perhaps you might be able to find your property address in explicit forums, or a platform where it discusses high prices Poker games. In this point, you will surely be surprised, lose your temper and end up terminating the lease.


Be aware of maintenance increased

If you are receiving a bunch of complains like, dirty air conditioners, choked washrooms, malfunctioning dryers and laundry machines, be alert. It might be the right time for proper evaluation of your residential property and appropriate time to talk to condominium security and neighborhood.

If there is an increased and prompt need for repair and maintenance that would be because of the increasing number of tenants.


Don’t fight with the neighbors instead be friendly to them

You can’t choose your neighbors but you can choose to be good and friendly to them. If neighbors won’t know that you existed beside them, then no way for you to be receiving info’s that your tenant kept on partying inside with a bunch of friends or having 50 various male visitors. They won’t have that concern on texting you about your property.

Neighbors can play a role in recording the illicit activities going on. If neighbors are good and a friend then request for a name drop while in common gathering like a party. Example, They can tell the tenants something like this, ” I assumed you are only 5 living, then insert your name, share with me the other week. This might be a good timing to insert and tell your tenants not to try even just for fun.


During official inspections,  be sensitive and observant  for certain things

Give a chance to check for the property and look for these:

Changes in color over the surfaces near the oven or stove ( someone is cooking heavily every day)

Abundant in extensions cord, 12 various kinds of chargers hooked when there are just one or two occupants

A fridge which is often full, given the number of occupants. A single or two tenants is impossible to have a fridge about to explode because of overload capacity.

A volume pair of shoes, sandals, umbrellas at the shoe rock in spite living alone or with a partner tenants.

Incongruent stuff ( the tenant might be using the unit for a dog grooming business, evident on the various pet care accessories though having no pets.

None of the above are concrete evidence of unlawful subletting but obviously, they give you a hint to be watchful!